Good Plants For Winter Interest

It is a common assumption that winter brings a barren scene to our gardens. However, although nothing can match the sheer exuberance of spring and early summer, there are a lot of plants that are easily available and that bring either visual or scented interest at this time of year. Indeed, the list of interesting plants is too many to illustrate here but I have chosen some of my favourites as a brief introduction.

Planting just one winter scented plant by the front door or a colourful specimen that can be seen from the kitchen window will help to maintain interest until nature starts to flare up again next spring.


  1. Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’
  2. Helleborus ‘Potter’s Wheel’
  3. Rubus Biflorus’
  4. Winter Aconite
  5. Mahonia ‘Winter Sun’
  6. Hebe ‘Red Edge’