Geoffrey Carr
The Mayor of Cirencester, Alan Jones and me planting the winning tree in the Cotswold Champion Tree competition 2010.

I believe that good design changes lives for the better. The driving force at the heart of my business is my desire to help make well designed places for living, working and relaxing. I recognise the satisfaction that comes from time spent in a well designed and maintained space. It matters to me that a space connects and fits with the way people want to use it, whether for sitting, socialising or just looking.

My mission is to make you fall in love with your garden.  I aim to make a space that gives you everything you want and to add real value with my experience, skill and creativity.  I aspire to give great service, great designs and great results.  In all cases I engage my clients in a collaborative dialogue, enabling the end result to have a personal and distinctive quality.

Really listening to what you say about your garden and engaging with you in the making process is very important to my way of working. I get immense pleasure from sharing what I know and do, whether it be an initial consultation or a full garden design and build project. I love to hear happy clients say they can’t believe how much they enjoy their new garden and how inspired they are to re-engage with it. The process of designing your garden is very much about us trusting each other.  I cannot free my creativity without knowing you are open to new and possibly challenging ideas. You cannot know if you are happy to work with me until we have met and discussed your project.  Working together on your new garden will be a rewarding, and sometimes challenging, process that repays in lasting pleasure, excitement and joy.