What’s In a Name?

If you have the slightest interest in gardening or growing vegetables and you are not already familiar with Cirencester’s Gardening Club, I would urge you to take a look at this outfit. Indeed, even if you have no interest in horticulture I would still urge you to take a look. It might inspire you and, at the very least, remind you about all that’s good and positive and meaningful about living where and when we do.


The official title for Cirencester’s Gardening Club’s is “Stratton & Baunton Horticultural Society”. It has been in existence for over 130 years, and apart from breaks during the 1st and 2nd World Wars and a brief period in the 1950’s it’s been a continuous inspiration for many gardeners. It remains to this day as a community of gardening enthusiasts who come together to share knowledge, experience and friendship.


The members know what they’re doing and are more than happy to welcome novices, experienced gardeners or just inquisitive newcomers. When amongst club members they somehow make Cirencester feel like a cosy village. If you ever hanker after a village green summer fete in a town, put the August Bank Holiday in your diary now for the 2016 Stratton Show, it’s their 40th and will be one to remember.


The club is one of the many jewels in Cirencester’s crown and like many of those jewels remains one of the town’s best kept secrets. The group meets in Stratton Village Hall on the second Thursday of each month between September and May and they have many events including: speakers, competitions, outings, seasonal parties, annual shows and gardening advice aplenty. You can use the Society as a place to meet friends and learn horticultural skills and for getting inspiration for garden design ideas. A visit to www.cirencestersgardeningclub.co.uk will show the depth of knowledge and interest available from the regular, high quality, guest speakers at the club. Take a look, it’s amazing what they do.